[How to] make Samsung Galaxy JIG USB for Download Mode

If you
ever have a problem or getting trouble  how to set the the Samsung
Galaxy S and other  Galaxy S I900 or Galaxy S2 I9100 S3 I9300 and other
series into ‘Download Mode’ if
pressing the three button combination  (Volume down+Power+OK) failed or
not working for some reasons while flashing the phone using ODIN. This solution will solved your problem.
  • Soldering iron and small soldering wire
  • Little soldering skills
  • micro USB cable
  • a 300K ohm and 1K ohm = 301K ohm  Resistors (A 300K ohm will work also)
  • a cutter or knife
    Here’s the block diagram to make a homemade Download Mode Jig dongle.

OR you may use 3 resister of 100k ohm and 1 resister of 1k ohm in series 

All you need is to solder the pin 4 (ID) and pin 5 (Ground) pins of the micro USB plug.
cut out  the sleeves of the USB plug, then attached and solder the 300K
resistor across to pin 4 and 5. Just as like this finished product
How to use on Samsung Galaxy S while using ODIN.

1. Pull out the battery for about 2-5 minutes, then inplace it back again. Do not turn it ON yet.
2. Connect the jig you just made. Avoid touching the resistor and pins
on the back or just put a  a non inductive cover around it, an
electrical tape works.  The device will just turn into download mode in
just a couple of seconds without pressing any buttons.

3. Once the Samsung Galaxy S displays the Downloading,
disconnect the homemade jig USB plug and connect a regular USB cable
from your PC to the phone, then you can flash the device using Odin.

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