Download All Samsung Android PIT and OPS Files [Part 1]

Part 2 Here

A300F: Download

A300FU: Download
A300G: Download
A300H: Download
A300XU: Download
A300XZ: Download
A500F: Download
A500FU: Download
A500H: Download
A500K: Download
A500XZ: Download
A700F: Download
A700FD: Download
A700H: Download
B5330 – B5330B: Download
B5510 – B5510B – B5510L : Download
B5512 – B5512B : Download
B7510 : Download
B9062: Download
B9120: Download
B9150: Download
B9388: Download
C101: Download
C105: Download
C115: Download
D700 : Download
E500F: Download
E500H: Download
E700H: Download
G110H: Download
G130E: Download
G130H: Download
G130HN: Download
G130M: Download
G310HN: Download
G313H: Download
G313HN: Download
G313HU: Download
G313HZ: Download
G350: Download
G350E: Download
G355H: Download
G355HN: Download
G357FZ: Download
G360F: Download
G360G: Download
G360H: Download
G360HU: Download
G360M: Download
G360P: Download
G386F: Download
G386T: Download
G386U: Download
G530FZ: Download
G530H: Download
G710: Download
G730A: Download
G750A: Download
G800F: Download
G800H: Download
G850A: Download
G850F: Download
G870F: Download
G900A: Download
G900F: Download
G900FD: Download
G900H: Download
G900P: Download
G900T: Download
G900T1: Download
G900V: Download
G901F: Download
G3502: Download
G3502C: Download
G3502i: Download
G3508I: Download
G3509: Download
G3509i: Download
G3519D: Download
G3606: Download
G3608: Download
G3609: Download
G3812: Download
G3815: Download
G3818: Download
G3819D: Download
G5108: Download
G5108Q: Download
G5109: Download
G5306W: Download
G5308W: Download
G5309W: Download
G7102: Download
G7105: Download
G7106: Download
G7108: Download
G7200: Download
GC100: Download
GN120: Download
I317: Download
I317M: Download
I337: Download
I337M: Download
I435: Download
I435L: Download
I497: Download
I509U: Download
I510: Download
I515: Download
I527: Download
I537: Download
I545: Download
I699i: Download
I747: Download
I800: Downlaod
I899: Download
I919: Download
I959: Download
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