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What is Google Apps Minimal Edition and what makes it different from other GApps packages?

Google Apps Minimal Edition for Android 5.0.x & 5.1 is a modified, slimmed down version of the Google Apps package. The goal of these packages is to provide the smallest GApps pack possible in addition to de-bloating your custom ROM (de-bloat script offered in Add-On section). The GApps Minimal Edition only includes the absolute essentials to make everything run properly. This includes the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and Google Contact Sync along with the necessary frameworks and libraries.
What's included in GApps Minimal Edition?
GoogleBackupTransport.apk (Handles backup of settings)
GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk (Google Contacts Sync)
GoogleFeedback.apk (ForceClose reporting)
GoogleLoginService.apk (Google login system)
GoogleOneTimeInitializer.apk (?)
GooglePartnerSetup.apk (In App purchases)
GoogleServicesFramework.apk (Provides account / login information to Google Apps)
Phonesky.apk (Google Play Store)
PrebuiltGmsCore.apk (Google Play Services)
SetupWizard.apk (Setup Wizard when you first use your phone)
lipAppDataSearch.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libconscrypt_gmscore_jni.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libgames_rtmp_jni.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libgcastv2_base.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libgcastv2_support.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libjgcastservice.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libgmscore.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libgms-ocrclient.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libjgcastservice.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libNearbyApp.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libsslwrapper_jni (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)
libWhisper.so (part of PrebuiltGmsCore.apk)


Step 1. Copy .zip to sdcard or internal storage
Step 2. Boot into recovery
Step 3. Flash .zip
Step 4. Wipe dalvik & cache
Step 5. Reboot system and enjoy the sweetness!

Download GApps Minimal Edition: 

Download GApps Minimal Edition 2015-04-04 for Android 5.0.x(90 MB)

Download GApps Minimal Edition 2015-04-04 for Android 5.1 (91 MB)

Download gapps-jb-20130813-signed.zip JellyBean

Download gapps-kk-20140606-signed.zip Kitkat

Download gapps-kk-20140105-signed.zip Kitkat

Credits: jajb, xda

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