Download Samsung A520W Galaxy A5 2017 Canada Firmwares[2 Mirrors]

 Download Samsung A520W Firmwares for canada


Android v6.0.1 MarshMallow:

A520WVLU1AQB9 | OYA1AQB9 BMC Canada Bell

A520WVLU1AQB9 | OYA1AQB9 FMC Canada Fido

A520WVLU1AQB9 | OYA1AQB9 RWC Canada Rogers

A520WVLU1AQB9 | OYA1AQB9 TLS Canada Telus


A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_BMC_Canada_Bell_6.0.1 Mirror1

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_BMC_Canada_Bell_6.0.1 Mirror2

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_FMC_Canada_Fido_6.0.1 Mirror1

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_FMC_Canada_Fido_6.0.1 Mirror2

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_RWC_Canada_Rogers_6.0.1 Mirror1

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_RWC_Canada_Rogers_6.0.1 Mirror2

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_TLS_Canada_Telus_6.0.1 Mirror1

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_TLS_Canada_Telus_6.0.1 Mirror2

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_XAC_Canada_6.0.1 Mirror1

A520WVLU1AQB9_OYA1AQB9_XAC_Canada_6.0.1 Mirror2

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