How To Fix “Unfortunately Samsung Account Has Stopped”

Samsung Galaxy phone you have seen an error message ‘Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped’. Here is fix app crashes & clear an app’s cache in your device

‘Unfortunately Xx has stopped’: What it means?

The error message means app has crashed & so you just relaunch app.

Here is fix for ‘Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped’ error message .

‘Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped’ is software problem, it means you should perform factory reset. For most devices this will solve the problem, but doing factory reset will also lose all data & your settings on phone.

Most of time , Reinstalling the app or clearing its cache memory will usually solve problem of apps crashing without performing  factory reset.

Stepes To clear an app’s cache and fix app crashes in Android

Step 1. Open the Settings menu and choose Application Manager. (On non-Samsung phones Settings menu >>Apps.)

Step 2. Tap All tab, then scroll for and tap on crashing application mean ‘Samsung Galaxy’. 

Step 3. First Force Stop, Clear Cache,& Clear Data. 

Step 4. Restart phone and check whether crash problem solves or not.

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