Android Oreo 8.0 :Devices to get Updates and Biggest Features


What  are the biggest new features in Android 8.0? 

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1. Picture-in-picture mode

Android Oreo expands the platform’s multitasking capabilities with something called picture-in-picture mode. With phones in particular, it’s a much less space-consuming and interface-interrupting way of viewing multiple things on your screen at once — though it really only applies to a specific sort of full-screen-oriented task.

The way it works is pretty thought-free and automatic: Imagine you’re watching an important professional development video in YouTube (because that’s the only type of video you’d ever watch from your work phone, obviously) — and you decide you want to send a message to someone or go look something up in Chrome without stopping playback.

2. Native auto-fill functionality

Google’s own Smart Lock for Passwords system sends out near-instant suggestions for signing into accounts within apps — so if you’ve saved your Twitter credentials in Chrome, for instance, and then try to sign into the Twitter app on your phone, the system will prompt you to fill in your username and password with a single tap.

It’ll be up to each service to support the Oreo-level auto-fill feature, but most of the other big names (including LastPass, 1Password and Enpass) have already committed to doing so in the foreseeable future, and some have already rolled out beta-level integration.

3. Notification snoozing


By default, the system will snooze your notification for an hour when you hit that clock icon, but you can tap a little down-arrow next to the confirmation dialog and select to snooze for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours instead.

Whenever the amount of time you chose has elapsed, the notification will reappear as if it were new. It’s essentially a built-in “remind me later” function — and it’s never more than a swipe away.

4. Notification and widget access within home screen icons


Android Oreo adds the native ability for launchers to show you all sorts of contextual info when you long-press an icon on your home screen. If the associated app has any notifications pending, you’ll see them right then and there (and can even swipe them away to dismiss them) — and if it has any widgets available, you’ll be able to pull them up and place them on your home screen by tapping a little icon right in that very panel.

5. Smart text selection

In apps that support it (that always-present caveat), you can simply double-tap on addresses, URLs, phone numbers or email addresses anywhere they appear. Android will recognize the text for what it is and quickly select the entire string for you, figuring out the appropriate start and end point on its own — and will then give you a one-tap option to shoot the info over to the most logical place (a new phone call with a number, for instance, or Maps with an address). 
Can I install it on my phone?

As with any new Android release, the devices on which you can install Oreo on day one are extremely limited. Here’s the list:

    Pixel XL
    Nexus 5X
    Nexus 6P
    Pixel C tablet
    Nexus Player set-top box

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