Rooting Redmi Note 4 Involves 4 Steps

1. Request for Bootloader unlocking from MI
2. Unlocking Bootloader
3. Installing TWRP Recovery
4. Installing SuperSu.zip

Lets Starts with 

  1. Request for Bootloader unlocking from MI
   Here is Steps for Requesting for Bootloader unlocking from MI

   a. Sign up for MI account on your Redmi Note 4 (if already signed in then leave)
   b. Open http://en.miui.com/unlock & click on Unlock Now Button

   c. Enter exciting MI account ID and Password (Details should be same as on your device)

   d. After Successful login click on Unlock Now Button.

   e. Enter actual Name,Country,Mobile Number and Reason for Unlocking like below
       (its better to make ur own reason)

         "For rooting my device please give me bootloader unlocking permission"


         f.  Enter Captcha Code, Tick on Unlocking Disclaimer & Click on “Apply Now

         g. Now will get OTP on your given mobile no which you entered on above form.

         h. Enter OTP which you have received on your given mobile number.

         i.  After verifying ur mobile you will get page saying,
            “Application has been successfully submitted, Please be patient review“.

         j. As your request for bootloader unlocking get approved you will receive SMS from
            Xiaomi/MI This process usually takes 1 -2 days but sometimes it can takes more than
           more time.

     2. Unlocking Bootloader

       Redmi Note 4 Bootloader unlocking Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool
      Requirement for Bootloader Unlocking Process:

  • Redmi Note 4 USB Drivers [Download Link]
  • Mi Flash Unlock Tool [Download Link]
  • Battery Minimum 50% Charged
  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
      1. Download Redmi Note 4 Drivers And Install .

      2. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool & Extract in any folder

      3. Open MiFlashUnlock.exe & Accept Disclaimer

      4. Log in with your same Mi Account as on Device. After it will check for unlocking
          permission from Mi Server.

      5. After check It shows no device is connected. Now Power off your Redmi Note 4 & Boot
          into Fastboot mode by pressing  Power on + Volume Down button at same time for few
          seconds.Your device will boot into fastboot mode, Now Connect your Device to computer
          using USB Cable.

      6. It will show "Phone Connected" Now Press “Unlock” button to start bootloader unlocking

      7. Bootloader unlocking process take 1-2 minutes. After process,press “Reboot Phone” button
          to restart your Redmi Note 4 device

    3. Installing TWRP


      1. Download & install ADB & Fastboot drivers.

      2. Download TWRP Recovery img File & Place it in any folder

      3. Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your Redmi Note 4 by

          "Going to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7-8 times on MIUI Version. By This
            Developers option will be enabled on your Device.

           "Again in Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options. Enable USB Debugging
            and OEM Unlock option.

       4. Place downloaded Twrp recovery img in any folder and in that folder Open Command
           window by Pressing Shif Key + Mouse Right Click choose, “Open Command Window here”
           option from menu.

       5. Connect your device to computer using USB Cable.
       6. In Command Window, enter following to check if device connected or not.
                             adb devices

        7. Type following code & press enter to boot your device into Fastboot mode.
                                                             adb reboot bootloader

        8. After entering in Fastboot Mode, Install TWRP Recovery .img by enter the following code 

                                               fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
          Flashing process takes few seconds to Complete. After getting above window you successfully
          Flashed/Installed TWRP Recovery on Redmi note 4.


      4. Installing SuperSu.zip 
          1. Download SuperSU-v2.82-201705271822.zip and lazyflasher-no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip 
              and Copy in your Device.
          2. Power off your Redmi Note4  & Reboot into Recovery by pressing 
              Power On + Volume Up buttons.

          3. Now you will boot in TWRP Recovery. In TWRP Recovery Tap on Install and Navigate to
            Select “SuperSU-v2.82-201705271822.zip” file from your copied path.

          4. Now Swipe " Swipe to Confirm Flash" after few seconds You will see success message. 

            IMP : Afer installing SuperSU.zip. Don’t reboot your device else device will stuck on Mi 
            Logo (Mean Bootloop).

          5. Now  Go Back to TWRP main menu  again tap Install and Navigate to Select
             “lazyflasher-no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip” and Install it by swipe
             "Swipe to confirm flash." Option.
          6.The flashing process can takes few seconds After installation,“Reboot” your device and
             check for SuperSu in Menu.

             First boot can takes some times to boot. You Have successfully Installed TWRP Recovery in
            Your Device And ROOTED.

            If You Stuck Somewhere Comment Below we will Look into It.

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